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Sometimes you want to prove that a certain event happened before a certain point in time. You could use a trusted authority, which is costly and takes a lot of time. Or you could simply use the bitcoin blockchain. It is fast and nearly free.

It’s a simple principe: you send a transaction in the bitcoin network and add a comment in your transaction (via the OP_RETURN script). You have just to send the fees of transaction (0,00005 btc). The comment could be a clear message, an encrypted message or the digest of a document.

A digest is a cryptographic hash function generate from your file which is impossible to invert. The digest of a document would always be the same until you don’t modify or save it again. This is the proof that your file was exactly the same as it is today.

In embedding the digest in the bitcoin blockchain you create a timestamping which is irrefragable.

benefits of product


The blockchain technology is based on an incorruptible database distributed on Peer-to-Peer network

benefits of product

Blockchain technology

Allow you a cheap way to store certifications and propertys on blockchain, forever

benefits of product


With a simple internet connexion!

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An online solution to secure what is important for you


The knowledge in cryptography and blockchain technology is not mastered by everyone.

That’s why we design a tool box easy to use. You just need to know how send a few bitcoins to your bitcoin adress created here.


remembr.io don’t charge you and will never do it. Consequently, you have just to bear the transaction fees, i.e. 0,00005 BTC.


Nothing is hosted in the remembr.io servers and every action happen on your browser. You are the sole holder of your bitcoin adress and yourprivate key (don’t forget them!).

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  • Decentralized accounts

* just pay network transaction fees: 50µBTC.


  • Documents certification
  • Encrypted messages
  • Eternity wall
  • On your server
  • Host your certificates
  • Multiple users

Handle your certificates at home

Custom Plan

  • Documents certification
  • Encrypted messages
  • Eternity wall
  • On your server
  • Host your certificates
  • Multiple users
  • Custom Solution
  • Your Branding
  • Your Rules
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